OOTD: Geek Goth Wears Clothing

Goths are known for our elaborate and unique personal style. Geeks, on the other hand, are not. Neither are middle-aged mothers of three. Like all goths, I wish to seek out the dark forces and join their hellish crusade, but I seldom have time or energy to truly look the part. Because of that, this blog will not be awash in darkly sensual photos of me. It will instead be lightly sprinkled with casual goth mom photos like the ones you see before you.


Once, while wearing this very outfit, an old lady said I looked “kind of hip” and asked me for fashion advice so . . . I’m clearly a vampire goddess in this.


But seriously, if I wanted to worry about looking perfect and being a certain size I’d just follow mainstream magazines. That’s what they’re for. For alternative fashion to be a real alternative, it has to embrace everyone from willowy vampires to corporate ghouls to thick gargoyles with problematic hair. You know, like me. So here I am. I love a tall, pale, gothic model as much as anyone but I don’t feel a need to look like one.

Don’t get me started on the hair, though. Naturally black, naturally curly, it’s a blessing and a curse. And a post for another day.

Love the peacock feather pattern

Boots from Torrid / Leggings from Lineagewear, well-made and they stay put around the waist. / Dress from Dress Barn. Embarrassing store name, nice dress for the price. / Necklace old. Local craft fair but I can’t remember who made it. / Cthulhu Crest ring from Amazon 


3 thoughts on “OOTD: Geek Goth Wears Clothing

  1. Thank you for making me laugh, I can a hundred percent relate to this! Well maybe not the three kids part ; ) only one here, wait, no if I count my husband and the dog, one and a half…

    PS. You look beautiful! I really like the leggings, they look comfortable, dark, and moody.


    1. Dogs definitely count. I come from a family of animal lovers, so I was raised to count dogs and cats as people. ; )

      The leggings are comfy and stay in place well, and so far they’re holding up in the wash.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. hehe same here : D Cats are more like full fledged adults though, they take care of themselves, dogs are like having an extra child, always making a mess, right after you cleaned up, always needing attention. All my cat wants is for me to feed her and to sleep next to my head at night…
        Those leggings sound even better now! Check, check and check.


        Liked by 1 person

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