Skull Infinity Square Crochet

While browsing on Etsy for something completely different, I ran across some lovely skull-themed crochet patterns (shop name Spider Mambo). I’ve been slowly revamping my bathroom and that’s kind of sucked up all my creative energy lately, but I couldn’t resist the skull infinity square. I already had some red yarn stashed in a closet so I got started right away. Winter has me dreaming of warm and cozy things, so I’ll probably just keep adding skull rows until it’s one giant square of a lap blanket. I don’t have enough red to finish a square that size so I’ll have to get out for more yarn in a week or two. I’m thinking of switching to black or dark grey at that point to keep things interesting.

For the curious: American H-hook and medium weight Caron Soft acrylic yarn.

I’ll be sure to post pictures when it’s done. And once I get around to painting it, I’ll show you my bathroom redo. Anyone else crafting their way through winter?

My center skull has a gap in his teeth.

4 thoughts on “Skull Infinity Square Crochet

  1. It looks lovely! I use my sdwing machine more during the cold seasons but when it comes to crafting in general, I rarely finish. I get started (usually it has something to do with paper rather than yarn) but get bored somewhere in the middle. Other than that, winter makes me crave more candlesticks, tealights, pillows and blankets.


    1. I have a sewing machine but I’m not that great with it.

      I finish about half the projects I start. 🙂 Designs like this I have better success with because I can get into a rhythm and do them for hours while watching a movie or listening to music.

      I love candles, but the scented ones give my husband migraines so I’ve gotten out of the habit over the years. But pillows and blankets, I have tons.


      1. I would love to have that patience, it seems very relaxing to knit or crochet!
        When it comes to candles, I don’t use the scented ones, they make me a bit queasy, but I’m an addict when it comes to the normal ones :p.

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