OOTD: Tent Dress Transformed

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tent-dressI bought this dress ages ago and have hardly worn it since. I bought it because I love the striped arms but it’s basically a tent dress (tent tunic? It’s pretty short.) and I don’t know why I ever thought that shape would work on me. It drifted to the back of my closet and stayed there until this morning. I stood there in my favorite leggings, totally uninspired by everything I had to go with them, when I realized my new obi belt might be just the thing to make my tent dress work. I bet I’ll be reaching for it a lot more often now because I love this combination.

What’s your favorite way to save a piece that’s not working?

2 thoughts on “OOTD: Tent Dress Transformed

  1. What a great dress/tunic! The stripy arms looks really nice, especially combined with the belt.

    Something I often do is buy regular unisex t-shirts, you know the kind with band logos or tourist attractions on them, and carefully fold up the sleeves so that they end above breast height. (I have been thinking about stitching them to the spot but I’m usually too lazy and continue to fold, it holds up well anyway.) Step two is using a belt, harness, fake under bust corset or a waspie to accentuate the waist and voilà! Boring band tee to fitted top in less than 5 mins.

    I also use shrugs and boleros to dress up/goth up basic tops and dresses. =)


    1. You know, I don’t own even one shrug. Lots of cardigans but no shrug. I’ll need to change that because you’re so right. It would look great and let me wear a couple summer favorites in cold weather. Hmm . . . I’ll have to put that on my wish list and keep an eye out. 😉

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