Sassy Schoolmarm

Update: Polyvore is no more, but I did manage to get my “sets” from them before the deadline. So yay for that.
Polyvore doesn’t really get my style. I had to clip all three items from websites and couldn’t find pictures in the colors I actually own. I couldn’t find a picture of my pants at all (Duluth Trading armachillos, which I secretly live in around the house). Pretend the sweater is gray and be amazed that I made it all by myself out of yarn. And pretend the shirt is dark blue but I wish it was black. It’s expensive but great, but I bought it a while ago when I was trying to fit in with other moms.
Aside from the color issue this combo is very me. I love dressing like a slightly spooky schoolmarm.
sassy schoolmarm.jpg

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