Fashion Challenge Days 1 through 4

I got this fashion challenge list from Septicemia, who got it from the Mad Magpie, and I’m pretty much failing at the “post every day” part. But I love the idea so I’m just adapting it to my normal level of laziness. Here goes:

Day 1: My Closet

I share the closet with my husband, Mr. Robot, so I figured I’d show his side as well as mine. The chest of drawers is for pajamas, underwear, workout gear and socks. I’m not exactly a wardrobe minimalist, but I do try to limit myself to just my side of the closet. I’m a natural pack rat and the limited space keeps me focused on clothes that I actually like and wear.

Day 2: My Favorite T-Shirt

I don’t really wear t-shirts with pictures on them anymore, so the two here are really the only two in my closet. I wear them around the house. The blue one is a favorite with the kids because it reminds them of one of the characters on Aquabats Super Show.

Day 3: A Gift

People who know me know I buy way too much clothing and jewelry on my own, so they usually give me books and cookware instead. But my parents gave me a set of pink pearls I still have, and some friends of the family gave me a matching necklace and earring set as a wedding gift. They’re a very Indian style and color and actually very cool. I was happy to rediscover them.


Day 4: A Shirt I Haven’t Worn Yet

I didn’t have a shirt but I had a new dress I just bought this week, so I give you that instead. It could be a tad shorter so I might hem it up one of these days, but overall I like it. I’ve been on an Art Deco kick lately so the gold details (hard to see here, sorry) against the black are really working for me.


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