Inspiration: Art Deco

For many of us goth lasts a lifetime, but there aren’t a whole lot of sites and shops for the not-so-gracefully aging (fat, not an hourglass) goth. It’s not just the size issue, though. It’s also that as I get older I have less time and energy for extreme or fussy fashion and more money for good fabrics and interesting home decor, and dedicated goth shops are often short on those. I still have fun looking at all the youth-driven stuff, especially cybergoth and gothic lolita and dark mori, but when I’m looking to buy I often look elsewhere for inspiration.

Lately I’ve been all about Art Deco. In some ways it’s the opposite of the dark medeival castles and ornate Victorian fashion and decor goth usually draws inspiration from, but it’s not such a crazy connection. The dark woods, rich greens and reds, and Egyptian accents of Art Deco decor goth up pretty easily. And in the U.S., the Art Deco period (mostly the 1920s) is also the era of Old Hollywood and famous Prohibition gangsters so it has a certain decadent, dangerous aura I’ve always liked.

The wide open spaces and geometric styling aren’t so common in modern goth decor, and I don’t see a lot of goths running around in flapper dresses and pearls, but there’s a lot to like in Art Deco. Plus, there are a lot of haunted and abandoned Art Deco era buildings these days, so goth points there.  It’s always been a popular and “grown up” style, so it’s not hard to find good ideas and quality products inspired by this era.

How about you? Does Art Deco do it for you or leave you cold? What are your unusual inspirations?


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