Bat World

My internet is even sicker than I am so I can’t keep up with my usual rounds of either reading or writing, but I’m hoping to make a quick post while I have a connection. Fingers crossed!

Just Keep Brains is/was raffling off a bat adoption for her blogiversary, which turned me on to Bat World Sanctuary. I can’t believe I’d never heard of them. I have friends and family in Texas, but then again Texas is huge and most of my people are further east than the sanctuary.

But I’m getting off track. I donated to their Adopt-a-bat program, which promised to send a picture and story about my bats and wow, did they ever! I helped two bats (well, one bat and one set of bats) and received two very nice folders full of information on bats in general and the stories of my specific bats, plus coloring sheets and two nice photos all matted and ready to frame. Lucky for me, they fit perfectly into a pair of frames I already had. Last night my kids colored the pictures while I read the adopt-a-bat stories (Little E and the Little River 8 on the website) before bed. Bat Sanctuary is definitely winning at education ’cause my kids are all about bats now.

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