Day 12: My Most Complimented Jewelry

I get a lot of compliments on my unique wedding ring, which is nice but also awkward bering2cause it’s not my real wedding ring. That ring on my pinkie is my actual wedding ring. It just doesn’t fit my ring finger anymore because I’ve gotten fatter over the years. The cool swirly ring is a cheap thing I got at an occult shop ages ago. I started wearing it as a temporary “wedding ring” until I could get my real one resized, but I like it so much it’s just sort of stayed there for years now.

It’s getting kind of banged up and I wish I could find a similar design in actual precious metals, but so far I’ve had no luck and I’m not rich enough yet to order a custom version of this, so I might just keep this one forever.

Fun fact: Mr. Robot doesn’t wear his original ring anymore either. He used to have really nice tungsten ring but he lost it years ago doing yardwork. He even rented a metal detector to find it but never could; either we have buried treasure in our back yard or some lucky bird has the shiniest nest decoration ever. Now he wears a much cheaper ring he got in a Bryce Canyon gift shop.

My ring is definitely number one, but I thought I might include the runners up in the “most complimented jewelry” contest: the real rutelian beetle I got at a summer festival (I also have a spiny spider necklace) and my upcycled necklaces made by a local artist.


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