Day 22: Summer Something

A lot of goths are all about the boots. Whether it’s stompy buckled platforms or prim Victorian heels, we will love and wear those boots every. single. day. Doesn’t matter how hot the summer or icy the winter, we won’t sacrifice our style for comfortable footwear. I support that. I get it. I used to be like that until I got old.

sandal 1Just kidding, I’m not that old. Well, I am that old, but it was plantar fasciitis that made me compromise on shoes, not age. A couple years ago I developed this wicked heel pain that lasted for months and months, and it turns out the main cure is lots of rest, stretching your feet, and wearing sensible shoes like, all the time. Even around the house. So my sexy boots and classy heels drifted to the back of the closet in favor of soft house slippers and well-cushioned flats.

On top of that, I really do hate to be hot. Back in my twenties and even most of my thirties I’d just deal with it, but lately I just can’t. My feet (and the rest of me) need to breathe, dammit!

Oh my gods! I’ve become my mom! She’s lived in Birkenstock sandals and Dr. Scholl’s originals since I was little, and I always thought they were a middle-aged mom’s idea of hippie sandals. I shouldn’t have rolled my eyes; now I’m a middle-aged mom who spends all summer in pretty much the same thing. Only in black. Because goth. sandals 2

Also, my toenails are terrible. It’s not actually summer yet so I’ve kind of ignored them of late.

The top sandal is Earth Origins (Tracy style) and the bottom is Minnetonka something-or-other. If you squint real hard and like me a lot they can pass for tribal goth, I guess. But I still feel old. 😉

How about you? Are you part of the “boots only army” or do your feet need to breathe? Anything else you’ve adapted or changed with age?


6 thoughts on “Day 22: Summer Something

  1. I have poor circulation and my hands and feet are almost always cold and it makes it totally okay to wear boots during summer, but I usually go for the ones that aren’t lined and often use 3-10 eyelet docs, they have nice soles too if you’re going to stand a lot. I alternate with black sneakers (skate brands or Converse) but don’t own any sandals.
    I don’t bother with knee high pvc/”vegan leather” platforms if it’s too hot, in that case I’d go with my sneakers.

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    1. I used to live in docs. I’m not sure why I stopped, I think I was just too poor to buy them for several years and kind of forgot about them. But these days I could afford a pair or two if I had the patience to break them in. 😉

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      1. Here in sweden, docs (without the steel cap) have been extremely trendy for a few years and are very accessible. It’s perfect because that means they end up on sale 🙂 A con is that not all of their products are manufactured in England any longer. I think a lot of the models are made in Thailand…

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      2. Interesting. They never really disappear around here, but they’re not that big right now either. You can always find them, but they’ll be full price or close to it. And it’s hard to find anything but the basic styles. Not that there’s anything wrong with basic–it’s hard to go wrong with black or oxblood.

        I’ve heard they’d changed and quality has suffered a bit, but I didn’t realize they’d outsourced their production. *sigh*

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      3. I think it’s because this is such a small country, the shops are smaller and it’s almost impossible to stock (or sell) more than what’s trendy.

        I hate that they have outsourced the production! The only ones that still are made in the UK are from a range that’s called “Made in England” or something like that. My first pair of Docs were already a few years old when I got them back when I was 13 (2001) and I threw them out last year. One of my more recent pair, BXB boot 8761, are from 2014 and they’re basically worn out by now even though I take good care of the leather. Compared to a lot of other brands it’s not too bad but they used be shoes that held up forever.

        I also own the model 1460 and I don’t think they would stand a lot of stomping around, the leather doesn’t feel too heavy-duty, so I mainly use them at work, indoors.

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      4. That sounds kind of disappointing. Back in the late ’90s I had a couple pairs of Docs that really did last at least 5 years, and I didn’t even really take care of them. It’s sad that the availability has gone up while the quality’s gone down.

        On the other hand, I haven’t had any other boots last longer than a couple of years, so Docs still sound average. Out here in the western U.S. there are a couple of work boots with a good reputation I could try, but no fancy colors or patterns. I’m still tempted, though, at least for an indestructible pair of basic black boots. Thanks for the info and ideas; I definitely need to sit down and figure out a good pair of boots in the next few months, and this helps.

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