Ancestors in October

Ages and ages ago I wrote about painting my bathroom, and way back then I said I was planning to put up old photos of my ancestors. Then life happened and pictures didn’t. I finally got them all printed and framed, but they’re still just propped up in a corner of the living room waiting for Mr. Robot to put them up. He’s very patient and precise with that stuff, so once he does it they’ll look great and be very secure, but he’s been busy and sick by turns and hasn’t gotten to it. IMG_3932

Aw, well. I never claimed to be great at DIY.

October is a great time for hanging a shrine to my ancestors anyway, what with Samhain and Day of the Dead coming up, and I’m sure they’ll be up by then. (If they are, they fit perfectly with Bane’s craft-along “black and white” theme, so I could participate without thinking up something new. Here’s hoping.)

My ancestors are a mix of Deep South farmers (small farmers, not fancy plantation owners) and actual pioneers (the kind with oxen and covered wagons). Mr. Robot’s mom’s side were also small farmers, but we don’t have any old pictures of them. The pictures we have are from his dad’s side, who came over from Norway around 100 years ago. From their pictures, they were pretty fancy. Lots of well-dressed Victorians with fancy hairstyles. His ancestors look like this:

Mine look like this:

Yeah. I’m proud of my ancestors. I come from religious fanatics and explorers and feuding Southern rednecks, and I think that’s pretty cool. But seriously, look at those classy, attractive Norwegians. When I started this project, I never thought the hardest part would be making those two families look like they belong together.

Instead of picking my family’s most formal photos, I picked his family’s most casual because really, I had to put up Aunt Dess and her pet goat. I never even met Aunt Dess, but she and her goat are my heroes. So cute!

7 thoughts on “Ancestors in October

    1. Right? So fancy. I’m lucky to have so many old photos. On my side, we’re just lucky to have a few ancestors who were really into collecting family history. Mr. Robot’s mom’s side is more like yours–lots of history but not many photos of it.


  1. Those photographs are amazing, all of them but Aunt Dess and her goat is my favorite. Your ancestry is truly fascinating! We had ancestor’s emigrate from Sweden to the US from mid-1800’s and forward, we still have contact with our living relatives and they come visit us from time to time.

    Since Sweden was plagued by crop failure, harsh winters and with that, diseases, those who could fled the country. Some families sent their men overseas to work and earn enough money to return home, others left for good. It’s remarkable how many stories there are, how many people it affected and how America got built. *sorry for nerdy off topic*

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    1. No, that was interesting. And it makes so much sense, especially since I had my dates slightly wrong. I just found out our Nordic side moved to America a little earlier than I’d thought (they moved to our current state about 100 years ago), so it sounds like they were a part of this movement. It’s cool that your family still has contact with their American branch. We don’t have any relatives still in Norway that I know of, that would be so interesting if we did.

      I love stories about ancestry but I’m terrible at keeping track of all the details. Luckily, my older sister is great at it, so I bug her every time I need stories or photos.

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      1. It sounds like it’s very likely that your Nordic ancestors were a part of the same movement. I’m glad that my grandparents kept in touch with their relatives, it’s probably thanks to them we know of each other.

        I find it very fascinating too and wish I knew more about my ancestry than I do. If I ever get the chance, I’d love to dig deeper!

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