Happy Birthday to Me

raven 3My birthday was actually ten days ago. I spent the week before it taking my kids for check-ups and arranging for my oldest girl’s braces, and the week after it on my younger kids’ taekwondo tournament. But on the day we went out for Indian food, and last night my youngest made me a chocolate cake, and today my new duvet cover from Ink & Rags arrived on my doorstep.

Back in January I was torn between bats and tentacles, but it was ravens that won my heart in the end. With a handle like Corvus, is that really a surprise? The pen and ink style gives it a dreamy, storybook quality that feels right for cozying up and dreaming my own adventurous dreams.

raven 4The quality itself, for those who are wondering, is pretty decent. The fabric feels light and smooth and “sheet-like” just as the website describes, and the printing is nice and crisp and looks just like the pictures. I appreciate the little ties on the inside corners, which make it much easier to get the duvet insert spread out properly inside the cover. The zipper closure seems reasonably sturdy and hides well when it’s closed. They sell matching pillow cases but I like my plain black ones so I only bought the cover.

raven 2
Littlest volunteered as both photographer and model.

My only complaint is that now I want to redecorate the rest of the bedroom to better match the bed. Ah well, one step at a time. Maybe I’ll save that wish for my next birthday.

raven 1


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