Craft Along with GIY: Black Butterfly Shawl

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I think Bane’s psychic, because I ordered yarn for this butterfly shawl one day before she announced September’s “Things With Wings” theme. The pattern is from Crochet Between Worlds. I found the link browsing through Ravelry. I treated myself to a hank of Madeline Tosh wool. For big projects I can’t afford it, but for smaller stuff it’s just so nice. One hank was plenty for this shawl–I even had enough to add a couple extra rows of butterflies.

Looking at my pictures, I realize how terribly pinned this is. And maybe I shouldn’t have worn it with a black shirt but who are we kidding? Almost all my shirts are black. Even the best picture can’t do justice to how soft and foamy it feels anyway. It’s lovely.

There’s one comment I should make on the pattern, in case you decide to try it. You’ll notice the written part goes straight from foundation chain to a row of double crochet, but the chart clearly shows a row of single crochet right below the official “Row 1” in the written part. I went ahead and followed the chart and it made a nice border below my first row of butterflies.

The pin is an octopus my son spotted for me in Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia this summer. Octopus! Shiny! I love it!

Craft Along with GIY: Utensil Holders

I’ve been following Bane’s Craft Alongs over at Goth It Yourself but this is the first one I’ve done myself. August’s theme is Food and Beverage, which lines up nicely with a project I’d been meaning to figure out anyway.

I hope I’m linking it up right:


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For long and boring reasons I keep my utensils in holders instead of a drawer, and I’ve been thinking about new ones for a while. All my available options seemed boring and sad, so I cooked up an idea of my own.

Supplies: three cheap bamboo utensil containers, fine grit sandpaper, burgundy craft paint, several pieces of pretty scrapbooking paper, Mod Podge, a paint brush and an X-acto knife. Plus a couple paper towels, a plastic garbage bag to protect my table and an old magazine (used as a pad for my X-acto knifework).


I sanded the containers lightly and wiped them clean with a damp paper towel, then used one side as a template to cut my paper to size. Then I painted the insides with two coats of the burgundy craft paint.

I let that dry thoroughly while I watched Crimson Peak–so good!*–and then I Mod Podged the insides of each container for a little extra durability. Then I used Mod Podge to carefully stick the paper on the outsides of the containers and coated the whole outside of each with a thin layer of Mod Podge. I should have maybe pressed the paper on longer first, because I got a bit of crinkling at this stage. I suck at decoupage.

After a long break for dinner and family time I coated the containers inside and out with one more layer of Mod Podge inside and out and let them dry thoroughly overnight. I definitely need more DIY practice but this was easy and fun and I’m pretty happy with my new silverware holders.

*Don’t worry, I wasn’t watching Crimson Peak with kids around. They were on an epic park/duck pond trip with Mr. Robot.

Here are some close-ups of the paper. As usual I was torn between goth for me and non-goth for Mr. Robot and somehow landed at vaguely vintage: