Not So Dark Arts and Crafts: Snowflakes and a Hat

I’ve been making cross stitch ornaments to send my family. This year I made snowflakes, and progress has been slow. Snowflakes are very fiddly, the dark blue fabric is hard on my eyes, and I chose a shiny white thread that likes to misbehave. But I got one done for each package and they turned out lovely.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get anything else put together, and a sudden change in travel plans means I’ve had no chance to get them done. They’ll have to be New Year’s gifts instead. Luckily, this is pretty normal for my family so no one will mind too much.


I also made a hat for one of my kids over the weekend. We were watching Christmas movies and my fingers felt like doing something so I grabbed some yarn from my stash and started crocheting. I happened to pick orange, my youngest kid’s favorite, so she claimed the hat before I’d even started. It turned out pretty cute, which means my other two want hats now. I guess I know what I’m doing on the holiday break.

orange hat


Spring Cross Stitch and OOTD

Winter hung on longer than usual. We had snow flurries right up to the end of April so I got to stay in sweaters for a few extra weeks. It’s finally getting warm (almost hot) though, the birds are chirping and the grass is high, and I’m scrounging for summer options. I mostly cope by using thinner fabrics and more cotton and lace, and once in a while I find a sleeveless shirt or dress that becomes my best friend until I wear it out. This dress from eShakti might be my best friend this summer.


Spring also put me in the mood for moths and butterflies, so I’m combining parts of two patterns to make a cross stitch. My eyes are bad, so working on black fabric is a pain, but I love the way it looks so far. I’m planning to have smaller moths stitched around, with this one as the focal point.

moth 1

Evil Dead: the Cross Stitch

I finished my Dead By Dawn cross stitch. I still have to iron and frame it and hang it up, but it’s done. I love stitching–crochet, knitting, cross stitch–because it puts me into a focused, mindful state. Cross stitch is new to me, so this project was right at the limit of my skill and really made me focus. That was a lot of fun, but I also had some sweary moments of picking out (and once or twice cutting out) wrong stitches. I’m hoping practice makes me better at counting squares.

Still, I’m planning to dip back into crochet next. I found a nice shawl pattern I want to make and I ordered a hank of fancy wool to make it out of. I can’t wait for it to arrive.

onyx wool

I managed to finish the whole thing without actually rewatching the Evil Dead trilogy. I watched Little Evil and The Babadook and several documentaries instead. The Babadook was great, but the “babadook=unresolved grief” metaphor was a bit obvious. Little Evil is a horror comedy from Netflix and it’s a bit tame but fun and kind of heartwarming. A good cross stitching movie.


Cross Stitch Witches

I cross stitch! I’m a cross stitcher!

I grew up in a pretty crafty culture so I’m sure I cross stitched some small thing as a kid, but this is my first real project. My younger sister stitches geeky little sayings and she inspired me to try my hand. It’s not perfect–I’m a row off in a couple of places and had to improvise–but it turned out pretty well for a first try.¬†¬†Even the back looks, well, not great but not totally terrible either. I consider it a win. I’m thinking of giving it to my parents for Christmas. Just so they know some of that crafting rubbed off on me after all. My mom loves anything holiday themed–any holiday–so she’d totally keep this and have my dad show it off every Halloween.

My next project will be a bit harder but I can’t wait to get started. I got a pattern for an Evil Dead sampler that I can’t wait to get started on. I used to have the original Evil Dead trilogy way back when VHS tapes were still a thing and I haven’t watched them since the world went all digital, so I plan on watching them while I stitch.



I basically googled gothy and geeky cross stitch until I found something perfect, and it happened to be sold through Etsy, by Pyro Dog Pins. I know there are a lot of free patterns, but now that I’m older and slightly less poor I try to support people’s creativity by paying for what I can. If this pattern goes well I’m seriously considering trying either the Bates Motel or the Big Lebowski patterns some time.

Lucky for me, Mr. Robot doesn’t consider adorable shotguns and chainsaws too creepy, so when I’m finished we’ll probably hang Dead By Dawn in our newly repainted bathroom. Yay!