OOTD: the Evil Peasant Look

IMG_3727On rare occasions I splurge and order custom-tailored clothes from eShakti.* Custom tailoring from that distance is not the most precise thing ever, but over time I’ve gotten better and better fit. I don’t know if I’m measuring better or they’re becoming more precise in their tailoring or what (maybe both?) but this latest order came out pretty perfectly.

I’m not feeling up to a full Show and Tell post, and I feel awkwardly materialistic showing off a bunch of stuff at once anyway, so I’ll just slowly unveil my sweet new stuff as I get around to actually wearing it. Today is a bit chilly so I went with this witchy half-sleeved dress. The embroidery reminds me just a bit of Romanian peasant blouses, which reminds me of Dracula. This dress makes me want to put on some Dark Ambient music and mix magic potions. Or maybe dance in the woods in the pale moonlight. Or possibly grab a pitchfork and storm a castle. Whatever. I can do all those things now that I have the right outfit. evil peasant

The “tree of life” necklace is from Etsy, but it’s old so I can’t remember the exact shop. Sorry.

*Sadly, I’m not famous in the slightest, so eShakti doesn’t sponsor me in any way. I had to pay money like a chump. 

Day 30: What’s a High Street?


I’ve been looking at pictures of High Streets for half an hour, trying to figure out the U.S. equivalent. It looks like we sort of do–a lot of towns have cute semi-walkable “historic districts” and even more towns have long streets with lots of useful stores, though we often have huge parking lots between the stores and the actual street. But fashion-wise, it seems like shopping malls are the closest thing. That’s where H&M and Forever 21 and Hot Topic would be, as well as smaller niche chains, and in really nice malls you’d have designer labels as well.

I get most of my fashion either online or at craft fairs, but when I need basics I tend to use Target or J.C. Penney or, every once in a while, Dress Barn. So the top is J.C. Penney and the bottom is Target basics. I’m trying not to bitch about how little quality goth clothing there is, and how little of it is truly plus sized, but that’s a thing. And someday I will rant about it. The storm is coming . . .


Day 29: My Favorite Brands

There’s what I love to look at and what actually works with my life and budget. My favorite realistic brand these days is City Chic. Their stuff is decently made, fits me well and is basic without being totally boring.

City Chic

My favorite brand/designer to look at is Alexander McQueen, may his soul rest in peace. I love his dark, fantastical style. I don’t usually go in for haute couture but McQueen proves for me that fashion really can be art.

Alexander McQueen

Day 26: Mismatched Outfit

Mismatch Madness

This one was hard because, in a way, I don’t believe in mismatched outfits. At least not in the way I think the challenge suggests. To me, a mismatched outfit is one that is just not working in some way–the colors are close but not perfect, or the shoes or jewelry just aren’t popping right. Mismatching is a subtle, personal thing that doesn’t translate well in pictures.

What we usually call mismatches are really off, with patterns or colors that really clash or with radically different styles smashed together into one outfit. But I like that stuff a lot. In my opinion, really big mismatches have left the land of traditional fashion, blown right through the “slightly off suburbs” and settled right into Awesome Town. Stripes and polkadots? Totally. Leather bra with khaki slacks? Ooh, daring. Baseball cap and ball gown? Go for it. Not everything is for me, but everything works for somebody.

So I turned to Polyvore and put together some things that look crazy together, but part of me thinks they just might be crazy enough to work. I’d love to hear (or see) the “mismatch” you have a passion for.

Day 19: All My Jewelry


I have a lot of jewelry. Buying jewelry is an affordable way to support local artisans and an indulgence for me. I also have trouble getting rid of things once I’ve grown attached, so once I have a piece I usually keep it forever. I feel like either a total packrat or a crass consumer showing y’all this, but if you can’t trust the internet to be kind and understanding, then who can you trust? 😉

Day 15: My Newest Purchase

Spring can never decide what it wants around here. The sun will shine and the flowers will bloom one week, and the next will be back to wintery rain and snow. I bought this dress with an eye to spring and summer, but today I’m glad it works just as well with a sweater and boots.

I thought I’d show you both ways for fun, but it’s definitely sweater weather today. The dress is from Target, which I’ve noticed has a lot of black basics right now, so yay for that. It actually ties at the back of the neck and the ties are very long, so I’ll probably play with that over the summer.

Image from target’s Who What Wear collection

In the “summer” picture I’m also wearing a preserved seahorse pendant I got on a trip to New Orleans. It’s not a particularly gothy color (though I’d argue that wearing dead things is pretty goth anyway) but it really pops against all that black.



Day 14: Cutest Socks

It’s a tie betweeen my Bride of Frankenstein socks and my alien landing socks. All my other socks are either “serious” blacks and grays or random skulls and stuff, so these are the clear winners. I’ve already worn Bride of Frankenstein this week, so I had to fish one out of the laundry basket to get a picture.

Day 11: Jewelry my Grandmother Gave Me

All my grandparents are long dead and I only have memories of one. Grandma Edith, my mother’s mother, died when I was 9 and my mother actually gave me this jewelry set to remember her by.

You’ll notice the earrings are old clip-on style; my grandmother never had her ears pierced and regretted the damage clip-on earrings did to her earlobes, so she made both her daughters get their ears properly pierced. My mother was so scared of the needles she put off her piercing until her late teens, but she never regretted it. Decades later she pierced her second holes herself on a whim. And she made sure all four of her daughters got their ears pierced as well.

Some of us ran with it way farther than she meant us to, with several piercings and tattoos apiece. My grandmother would be rolling in her grave if she knew what her hatred of clip-ons has wrought.

Fashion Challenge #9: A Cute Skirt

Both my lungs and my internet are finally working well, so it’s back to posting and hopefully back to my lame attempt at the 30 Day fashion challenge. Yay!

My girls have been playing “hotel” by making my bed for me and demanding a quarter a nigIMG_3639ht to use my room. Today they invented the extra special service of choosing an outfit for me. They went with a purple theme, as you can see. They also picked one of the skirts I wear the most. I don’t really wear leggings or tights on their own, and I own like four of these skirts to throw over them. They actually have huge pockets so they’re also great for times when I don’t want to carry a purse.