Day 23: My Lucky Bracelet

A couple years ago my friend Tammy went on a Mediterranean cruise and was nice enough to bring me some souvenirs, including this bracelet from Turkey. It’s supposed to protect me from the Evil Eye. I’ve had reasonably decent luck since then so it must be working, right?

You’ll notice it has a little elephant charm, which my mom would consider bonus good luck. She always had a small collection of lucky elephants, all with their trunks pointed up “so the luck won’t run out.”

I don’t much believe in lucky talismans but I am lucky to have good friends who bring me pretty things.

Day 20: My Favorite Jewelry

When my dad was young he spent a couple years in Japan, and he’d always wanted to go back. With his vague government job and large family to support it didn’t seem super likely, but when I was eleven or twelve he got hired to help open an office in Tokyo. My dad was thrilled, but it also meant a couple of months-long trips out by himself before the office was ready and we all got to go.

This necklace was a gift he brought home from one of those solo trips. I used to wear it all the time as a kid. I rarely wear it now but I’m still very attached, and I hope to one day pass it on to the right kid or grandkid.

Day 19: All My Jewelry


I have a lot of jewelry. Buying jewelry is an affordable way to support local artisans and an indulgence for me. I also have trouble getting rid of things once I’ve grown attached, so once I have a piece I usually keep it forever. I feel like either a total packrat or a crass consumer showing y’all this, but if you can’t trust the internet to be kind and understanding, then who can you trust? 😉

Day 18: Jewelry I Have Made (Sort of)

I have no talent for making jewelry. I knit, I crochet, I can sew a straight seam (more or less), and I can string a basic bead, but I’ve never made anything that I love to wear. I’ve made a few strings of pagan devotional beads in my time; that’s the closest I’ve come to jewelry and the knots are woefully amateur. It was enough to inspire my oldest kid, though, who now loves to make bracelets and necklaces for her friends. She’s even made a couple for me. I proudly display them on my bedroom wall, but I don’t really wear them. That might make me the world’s worst mom, but my blessed daughter seems to understand that they’re perfect where they are.

Day 15: My Newest Purchase

Spring can never decide what it wants around here. The sun will shine and the flowers will bloom one week, and the next will be back to wintery rain and snow. I bought this dress with an eye to spring and summer, but today I’m glad it works just as well with a sweater and boots.

I thought I’d show you both ways for fun, but it’s definitely sweater weather today. The dress is from Target, which I’ve noticed has a lot of black basics right now, so yay for that. It actually ties at the back of the neck and the ties are very long, so I’ll probably play with that over the summer.

Image from target’s Who What Wear collection

In the “summer” picture I’m also wearing a preserved seahorse pendant I got on a trip to New Orleans. It’s not a particularly gothy color (though I’d argue that wearing dead things is pretty goth anyway) but it really pops against all that black.



Day 12: My Most Complimented Jewelry

I get a lot of compliments on my unique wedding ring, which is nice but also awkward bering2cause it’s not my real wedding ring. That ring on my pinkie is my actual wedding ring. It just doesn’t fit my ring finger anymore because I’ve gotten fatter over the years. The cool swirly ring is a cheap thing I got at an occult shop ages ago. I started wearing it as a temporary “wedding ring” until I could get my real one resized, but I like it so much it’s just sort of stayed there for years now.

It’s getting kind of banged up and I wish I could find a similar design in actual precious metals, but so far I’ve had no luck and I’m not rich enough yet to order a custom version of this, so I might just keep this one forever.

Fun fact: Mr. Robot doesn’t wear his original ring anymore either. He used to have really nice tungsten ring but he lost it years ago doing yardwork. He even rented a metal detector to find it but never could; either we have buried treasure in our back yard or some lucky bird has the shiniest nest decoration ever. Now he wears a much cheaper ring he got in a Bryce Canyon gift shop.

My ring is definitely number one, but I thought I might include the runners up in the “most complimented jewelry” contest: the real rutelian beetle I got at a summer festival (I also have a spiny spider necklace) and my upcycled necklaces made by a local artist.


Day 11: Jewelry my Grandmother Gave Me

All my grandparents are long dead and I only have memories of one. Grandma Edith, my mother’s mother, died when I was 9 and my mother actually gave me this jewelry set to remember her by.

You’ll notice the earrings are old clip-on style; my grandmother never had her ears pierced and regretted the damage clip-on earrings did to her earlobes, so she made both her daughters get their ears properly pierced. My mother was so scared of the needles she put off her piercing until her late teens, but she never regretted it. Decades later she pierced her second holes herself on a whim. And she made sure all four of her daughters got their ears pierced as well.

Some of us ran with it way farther than she meant us to, with several piercings and tattoos apiece. My grandmother would be rolling in her grave if she knew what her hatred of clip-ons has wrought.

OOTD: Spider Sweater

My new favorite “spooky schoolmarm” look. Still working out the best spots for full body photos. This clearly isn’t one of the best spots (I’m totally pushing a branch out of my way there), but if you look closely the sun is lighting up the hot pink fringe at the back of my hair. I usually can’t get it to show up, so yay for that.

Hell Bunny sweater over basic Target tank, ponte pants from Dress Barn (hate that name but they sell nice stuff). Shoes, old, American Eagle. Bat necklace, Chloes Vintage Jewelry on Etsy.

Fashion Challenge Days 1 through 4

I got this fashion challenge list from Septicemia, who got it from the Mad Magpie, and I’m pretty much failing at the “post every day” part. But I love the idea so I’m just adapting it to my normal level of laziness. Here goes:

Day 1: My Closet

I share the closet with my husband, Mr. Robot, so I figured I’d show his side as well as mine. The chest of drawers is for pajamas, underwear, workout gear and socks. I’m not exactly a wardrobe minimalist, but I do try to limit myself to just my side of the closet. I’m a natural pack rat and the limited space keeps me focused on clothes that I actually like and wear.

Day 2: My Favorite T-Shirt

I don’t really wear t-shirts with pictures on them anymore, so the two here are really the only two in my closet. I wear them around the house. The blue one is a favorite with the kids because it reminds them of one of the characters on Aquabats Super Show.

Day 3: A Gift

People who know me know I buy way too much clothing and jewelry on my own, so they usually give me books and cookware instead. But my parents gave me a set of pink pearls I still have, and some friends of the family gave me a matching necklace and earring set as a wedding gift. They’re a very Indian style and color and actually very cool. I was happy to rediscover them.


Day 4: A Shirt I Haven’t Worn Yet

I didn’t have a shirt but I had a new dress I just bought this week, so I give you that instead. It could be a tad shorter so I might hem it up one of these days, but overall I like it. I’ve been on an Art Deco kick lately so the gold details (hard to see here, sorry) against the black are really working for me.


Love and Jewelry

I love jewelry. I love the cold, shiny weight of metal, the soft warmth of leather, the jingle of beads, the fine details the makers put into their work. I like carrying little bits of art with me as I go about my day. When I can, I buy handmade because it adds to the personal touch I feel when I wear it.

Lately I’ve been wearing my lovely branching skeletons. They feel right for early winter and they go so well with everything. img_3340

I’ve also been wearing a fractal flower I’ve had for ages and falling in love with it all over again. My hands are not the steadiest (and my camera not the best), so the pictures don’t do them justice.

Etsy has a much better picture of the fractal. I bought the skeletons at a local craft fair from Tangents and Tentacles. They have an Etsy shop, but this beauty isn’t in it right now.