Day 26: Mismatched Outfit

mismatch madness.jpg

This one was hard because, in a way, I don’t believe in mismatched outfits. At least not in the way I think the challenge suggests. To me, a mismatched outfit is one that is just not working in some way–the colors are close but not perfect, or the shoes or jewelry just aren’t popping right. Mismatching is a subtle, personal thing that doesn’t translate well in pictures.

What we usually call mismatches are really off, with patterns or colors that really clash or with radically different styles smashed together into one outfit. But I like that stuff a lot. In my opinion, really big mismatches have left the land of traditional fashion, blown right through the “slightly off suburbs” and settled right into Awesome Town. Stripes and polkadots? Totally. Leather bra with khaki slacks? Ooh, daring. Baseball cap and ball gown? Go for it. Not everything is for me, but everything works for somebody.

So I turned to Polyvore and put together some things that look crazy together, but part of me thinks they just might be crazy enough to work. I’d love to hear (or see) the “mismatch” you have a passion for.

Sassy Schoolmarm

Update: Polyvore is no more, but I did manage to get my “sets” from them before the deadline. So yay for that.
Polyvore doesn’t really get my style. I had to clip all three items from websites and couldn’t find pictures in the colors I actually own. I couldn’t find a picture of my pants at all (Duluth Trading armachillos, which I secretly live in around the house). Pretend the sweater is gray and be amazed that I made it all by myself out of yarn. And pretend the shirt is dark blue but I wish it was black. It’s expensive but great, but I bought it a while ago when I was trying to fit in with other moms.
Aside from the color issue this combo is very me. I love dressing like a slightly spooky schoolmarm.
sassy schoolmarm.jpg