Lunar Tides Review

I tried a new brand of hair color this month–Lunar Tides. I used their bright red Blood Moon to dye my roots and generally refresh my color. It went pretty well.

First you can see some serious roots and fading red (and my kid’s French braid practice). This old one was Manic Panic Infra Red, which was rich and dark but bled more than any dye I’ve ever used. Next you can see my lovely bleached roots, which is actually kind of a neat effect. Last is Blood Moon, still bright and shiny after a week of washings.


Pros: Vegan, cruelty free, lovely packaging. I like that it comes in a jar instead of a squeeze bottle–jars are less messy to use and let you scrape every last bit of dye out. Blood Moon turned out a nice true red leaning slightly toward orange, which is pretty much what I expected from the descriptions. The price compares well to other brands I’ve used and they have a nice range of colors. It also stains a bit less on fingers and counter tops, which is always nice.

lunar tides

Cons: I could tell even while I applied that this color is less saturated and opaque than most I’ve used. It definitely took more dye to get full coverage and the brightness I wanted. This formula was also a little more liquid than I’m used to, which was both pro and con. Con because less saturation, pro because it was easier to work through my thick curls without missing spots.

Color usually lasts forever for me (a month or more) and this one seems to be holding up fine so far. Overall I liked this product and would probably use it again, though I might actually mix it with some Manic Panic to customize the shade and get better saturation.

I’m a Unicorn!

I’ve always had thick curly black hair, the worst for dyeing fun colors. I’m also a cheapskate, so I do it all at home. It gets crazy sometimes. Here’s my latest hair adventure in three easy steps, so you can try it at home. 😉

Step 1:

Bleach roots (and remnants of previous colors) using Splat Null bleach. Use it because it’s cheap and available at a store nearby. Use two boxes because it sucks. Be unsatisfied at how terribly uneven your hair still looks.

Step 2:

Resort to the internet. Order Manic Panic Flash Lightening and hope the touch-up process doesn’t ruin your hair. Be pleased that Manic Panic gives you more bleach and a nice plastic cap, but rush the job because you’re afraid that even more bleaching will turn your hair into brittle, untouchable bits of straw. End up with much better but still slightly uneven hair. Remind yourself to skip straight to Manic Panic next time.

Step 3:

You will ultimately want your hair to be bright stoplight red, but next week is “pool week” for your kids and you don’t want the chlorine to ruin a perfectly beautiful red dye job. Instead, survey your collection of half-empty bottles of fantasy colors and settle on Special Effects Purple Smoke. This bottle is pretty full and you’ve been wanting to try it. Spread it as evenly as possible on your hair, brush it in for better coverage, watch the color separate into a unicorn rainbow of lavender, pink, and blue (with bare blonde spots) for no particular reason. Sigh and decide to live with it. You’ve done enough hair adventuring for one week.

I can’t decide how I feel about this unicorn hair. I usually go for bright red or dark purple (or my classic natural black), but this is growing on me. Maybe I have an inner pastel goth trying to get out.