Happy Birthday to Me

raven 3My birthday was actually ten days ago. I spent the week before it taking my kids for check-ups and arranging for my oldest girl’s braces, and the week after it on my younger kids’ taekwondo tournament. But on the day we went out for Indian food, and last night my youngest made me a chocolate cake, and today my new duvet cover from Ink & Rags arrived on my doorstep.

Back in January I was torn between bats and tentacles, but it was ravens that won my heart in the end. With a handle like Corvus, is that really a surprise? The pen and ink style gives it a dreamy, storybook quality that feels right for cozying up and dreaming my own adventurous dreams.

raven 4The quality itself, for those who are wondering, is pretty decent. The fabric feels light and smooth and “sheet-like” just as the website describes, and the printing is nice and crisp and looks just like the pictures. I appreciate the little ties on the inside corners, which make it much easier to get the duvet insert spread out properly inside the cover. The zipper closure seems reasonably sturdy and hides well when it’s closed. They sell matching pillow cases but I like my plain black ones so I only bought the cover.

raven 2
Littlest volunteered as both photographer and model.

My only complaint is that now I want to redecorate the rest of the bedroom to better match the bed. Ah well, one step at a time. Maybe I’ll save that wish for my next birthday.

raven 1


Love and Jewelry

love and jewelry 2The kids are out of school and it’s already turning into a very busy summer, with family visits and extra taekwondo practice and keeping kids busy and fed every day. Not much time to sit and think. But we did get a lazy Sunday yesterday. I plugged in my headphones, put on some Atrium Carcieri and Raison D’etre, and finally got around to cleaning out my jewelry box and bedside table. While I was at it, I took pictures of a few pieces I just recently bought.

This one’s my favorite. It’s got great detail and the chain is exactly the right length for me. I wish I were a better photographer so I could really do it justice.

I also bought some nice planchette earrings. When I was little I was terrified that ouija boards and tarot cards might actually invite spirits to haunt me, but by high school that terror had become a fascination that’s never gone away.


And last but not least, I got a couple pairs of tiny earrings. I used to have a whole lot of piercings, but over the years I’ve let most of them close because I got so tired of fighting infections and nickel allergy. I still have two in my ears, though, and I never have enough cute little things to wear in them. These were perfect and not too expensive.

poison death

I also gave a bunch of old necklaces and earrings to the kids, and saved some to give away to other people. My jewelry is so nice and organized now, but there’s also space for a few perfect new pieces. Just the way I like it.

R.I.P. Polyvore

So . . . Polyvore disappeared pretty much overnight. I might be the last to know, since I only used the site once in a while, but I thought I’d pass the info along just in case. Looks like you can download your moodboards and such until May 15th. It also looks like FashMates is trying to carry on with the fashion side of Polyvore, at least. They’ll also help you import your Polyvore sets, but I’ve not yet personally used their site so I don’t know how it compares.

If you used Polyvore’s widget code to show sets on your blog, those links all now lead to a cheesy-looking online storefront. I have a couple posts that do this now, and I’m working on fixing the problem, either by downloading my original sets or replacing them with different pictures. I can’t imagine the heartbreak and hassle for serious Polyvore users, and the whole situation seems pretty awful.

Should I Get Press On Nails?

I’ve never really worn fake nails. I’m a cheapskate, I work with my hands a lot, and my real nails grow pretty well already. But Dippy Cow fake nails have me reconsidering. This post is zero percent sponsored and I haven’t actually tried the nails, so this is not an endorsement. They’re just really tempting.

All the pictures are from the Dippy Cow Etsy shop–definitely visit to see the awesome. She makes all sorts, including pastels and glow-in-the-dark. The witchy black-and-nude ones change color with temperature.

They ship from the UK, so if I want some in time for Halloween I’d better get to ordering pretty soon, but I just can’t decide between my convenient natural fingernails or amazing pointy fake fingernails. What do you think? Should I take the chance?