Fashion Challenge #9: A Cute Skirt

Both my lungs and my internet are finally working well, so it’s back to posting and hopefully back to my lame attempt at the 30 Day fashion challenge. Yay!

My girls have been playing “hotel” by making my bed for me and demanding a quarter a nigIMG_3639ht to use my room. Today they invented the extra special service of choosing an outfit for me. They went with a purple theme, as you can see. They also picked one of the skirts I wear the most. I don’t really wear leggings or tights on their own, and I own like four of these skirts to throw over them. They actually have huge pockets so they’re also great for times when I don’t want to carry a purse.




Coffee to the Rescue

My horrible chest cold kept me up last night but I still had to get the kids off to school and do

skull hoodie 2
skull hoodie Tripp NYC

a bunch of shopping for my kid’s birthday (and a totally separate Sunday thing I’m in charge of). Not to mention the homework, tumbling class, and getting dinner prepared. Praise be to strong coffee and decongestants for helping me get through the day.

No rest for the wicked, eh? I might be dead on my feat but my kid will be screaming with delight tomorrow. I hope your health is better than mine and your weekend is as good as my kid’s.




Fashion Challenge: Days 5-8

Day 5: My Favorite Legware

I got these ponte pants from Dress Barn online, on sale for $13. They’re comfortable and go with everything, but the textured Victorian wallpaper pattern (hope you can see it well enough in the close-up) is my favorite thing about them. Also, my kid took the full body photo, which is why the weird angle (and the weird face?).

Day 6: My Comfiest Outfit

This is what I wear to work around the house (this weekend we finally took our Christmas lights down) or lounge around on weekends. The shirt is Rainbeau Curves and the pants are Duluth Trading drawstring armachillos. I’m pretty sure the shoes are old Skechers.


Day 7: My Cutest Outfit

I rarely go all out with the fuss and frills, but when I do I look like a jolly witch. My only regret is that those shoes are navy blue, not black.

halloween cuteness

Day 8: Most Expensive Clothing

Pretty much all my clothes hover around the same price range, so I’m not really sure on this one. I think it’s this dress, but probably not by much. I wore this out for my anniversary once but I can’t for the life of me find a picture so let’s just pretend I looked like this model. Only fatter. And with black hair (I’m so goth my hair is naturally black). And no arm tattoos. But otherwise, exactly like this model.

OOTD: Tent Dress Transformed

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tent-dressI bought this dress ages ago and have hardly worn it since. I bought it because I love the striped arms but it’s basically a tent dress (tent tunic? It’s pretty short.) and I don’t know why I ever thought that shape would work on me. It drifted to the back of my closet and stayed there until this morning. I stood there in my favorite leggings, totally uninspired by everything I had to go with them, when I realized my new obi belt might be just the thing to make my tent dress work. I bet I’ll be reaching for it a lot more often now because I love this combination.

What’s your favorite way to save a piece that’s not working?

OOTD: Geek Goth Wears Clothing

Goths are known for our elaborate and unique personal style. Geeks, on the other hand, are not. Neither are middle-aged mothers of three. Like all goths, I wish to seek out the dark forces and join their hellish crusade, but I seldom have time or energy to truly look the part. Because of that, this blog will not be awash in darkly sensual photos of me. It will instead be lightly sprinkled with casual goth mom photos like the ones you see before you.


Once, while wearing this very outfit, an old lady said I looked “kind of hip” and asked me for fashion advice so . . . I’m clearly a vampire goddess in this.


But seriously, if I wanted to worry about looking perfect and being a certain size I’d just follow mainstream magazines. That’s what they’re for. For alternative fashion to be a real alternative, it has to embrace everyone from willowy vampires to corporate ghouls to thick gargoyles with problematic hair. You know, like me. So here I am. I love a tall, pale, gothic model as much as anyone but I don’t feel a need to look like one.

Don’t get me started on the hair, though. Naturally black, naturally curly, it’s a blessing and a curse. And a post for another day.

Love the peacock feather pattern

Boots from Torrid / Leggings from Lineagewear, well-made and they stay put around the waist. / Dress from Dress Barn. Embarrassing store name, nice dress for the price. / Necklace old. Local craft fair but I can’t remember who made it. / Cthulhu Crest ring from Amazon